[Agreement to the Provision of Promotional and Marketing Information]

Kids Note can provide customized news, events, and benefits to you using the following personal information of which you have given consent to.

You have the right to refuse promotional and marketing information, and may still use our service even in the case of refusal.

[Optional] Provision of Promotional and Marketing Information

Task Purpose of Collection and Use Items Collected Retention and Use Period
Provision of promotional and marketing information. Provision of services and ads based on statistical characteristics, provision of marketing (customized) information. [Optional] ID, password, name of the user, email, child information (name, date of birth, gender), mobile phone, service usage history (app use history, search history, bad usage record, access log), information collected through the Automatic Personal Information Collection System, IP address, identifier for advertisers. Until the revocation of agreement or unregistration from service.

※ To be retained in accordance with the retention period required by law.

※ For more information, please refer to our [Privacy Policy].