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Easy communication,
handy academy management!
Class Note

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The optimal customized communication solution
that leads to daily growth!
Class Note

Anyone can use the app for free.Anyone, including admins, teachers, and parents, can use Class Note for free.
Accessible anywhere on PC or mobileYou can enjoy the service anytime, anywhere, regardless of the device.
An efficient tool to encourage a student's intellectual growthFrom managing assignments, checking progress, to reviewing studies!
Stable service that uses Kakao technologyKids Note, one of Kakao's affiliates, provides the Class Note services based on Kakao's safe and sound infrastructure.

NO.1 in user experience & service quality!
Enjoy your unique communication space
created with Class Note.

Menu and function
tailored to your center
You can choose and set necessary features among various Menu/Functions, including Report, Notice, and Album. Go to Settings and just click the ON/OFF button.
Drafts & Schedule Send
for increasing work efficiency
Class Note's solution for processing repetitive works! Save the text you're composing as Drafts and continue writing it again, or schedule adding a comment the day before a busy class day.
Contact information is safely hidden, protecting teacher's privacyThe service is based on user IDs, so personal information is not disclosed and teachers’ privacy is protected. When parents write a report late at night, they are recommended to use the schedule send feature to reduce teachers’ burden of having to work after hours.
Spell Check & Machine Translation for smooth communicationNo worries about communicating with multicultural parents. With Class Note, you'll feel reassured! Try Class Note's machine translation function that supports 91 languages. You can also communicate correctly with its Spell Checker.

How about this service?
It will make your center management/operation smarter.


3 seconds and done! Record the temperature automatically

Keypad Attendance

Keypad Attendance feature that allows students to easily check in on their own and manage attendance conveniently

Coming soon

Teacher's Attendance

Teacher's attendance is easily managed with Class Note

Coming soon

Data Call

Make a call conveniently within the app, without showing your number.

User Guide

Visit Class Note's KakaoTalk channel to get answers to more questions!

  • User Guide for Admin
  • User Guide for Teachers
  • User Guide for Parents
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